Have you ever?

Been thrown around so much in out of your league surf and had your leg-rope wrap around your leg and arm  at the exact time you need that leg and arm to swim to the surface.    Yes

Been tackled to the ground every lunch time for 6 months while living and schooling in Samoa and pretending you can play rugby.    Yes

Have you struggled to skull a beer while snowboarding off the summit of Mount Buller after dark.    Yes

Been told you can't run a marathon and had that be the sole motivator for you to run a marathon?    Yes

Sea kayaked to a seal colony and had second thoughts after seeing half a seal floating in the water.    Yes

Told you look like Hamish Blake nearly daily then looked blankly at that same person as they wait for you to be funny.    Yes

Flipped a motocross bike and landed on your head because you never understood what a power-band is?    Yes

Missed a photo of a Wedge tailed eagle that was 25 meters away while sitting outside a moving helicopter, then beat yourself up about it for weeks.    Yes

Ate 8 pieces of toast in a caravan while your mate studies Austin Powers quotes.    Yes

Been crazy underdressed while working on a Vogue set as a photographers assistant.    Yes

Sat in the Whistler hospital with a broken collar bone from Mountain Biking and decided to take up photography?    Yes